Environment Survey English

Environment survey

Air pollution – Waste Management -Water conservation & Distribution

  • Sustainable India is a conservation initiative to achieve certain sustainable goals. It’s a drive to make people aware about environmental causes as well their solution. Every region has its own environment issues which needs proper addressing.
  • Kindly join this survey to understand and implement the programs in a most productive manner.
  • To help better assess current environment needs and plan for the future, please answer each of the following questions. This information is being collected for research purposes by the Society for Sustainable Development for Sustainable India Initiative.
  • Thank you for taking time to help us compile this important information. PLEASE CHECK (√) OR PROVIDE YOUR MOST APPROPRIATE RESPONSE FOR EACH AND EVERY QUESTION.


1. What is the most important environment issue in your area?
2. Have you done any of these actions or conservation? (Please check all that apply)
3.Does Have any of your family members got effected with any of these disease caused by air/water/noise pollution?
4. Other question (Please check all that apply)