So far team Sustainable India has successfully executed various conservation led events and campaigns some of the events worth mentioning are as follows:

Sustainable Chhattisgarh – The awareness ride was executed by Mrinal Gajbhiye, Initial execution supported by Mrs.  Sanobar Khan- from the management team of Sustainable India. He took 2 months ( April 24th to June 24th) to complete the whole ride of Chhattisgarh covering more than 2000 km in his MTB bicycle.

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Sustainable Chhattisgarh Campaign ( 24th April – 24th June 2016)

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Freedom to Breathe ( Oct- Dec. 2016 )

Freedom to breathe is a social media campaign initiated by Baby Adeena. The campaign was conducted in facebook to aware people about consequences of air pollution.

Free distribution of Tusli plant was carried out during the campaign.