TYPE OF PROJECTS UNDER GSDP (Global Sustainable Development Program)
– Online trading
– Retail network
– Network hotels, resorts and home stays under sustainable tourism
– Sustainable energy (solar, biogas, wind )
– Water conservation and distribution
– Sustainable Agriculture (Drip irrigation, green house, organic farming)
– Waste management (wormy compost pit, house compost pit, wm kits)
– Sustainable housing development
– Community development
– Traditional medicine and sustainable education system development .

We wish to associate each and every market segment with us to promote and use sustainable practices, the monetary return to the common people will help encourage them to start practicing. The environmental benefit is beyond belief.



  • Sustainable India – “Bharat Yatra”

Bharat yatra is a research based analytical tour of entire India to understand current environmental and social issues. Every region has its own specific problems and issues, it’s a program to understand those issues and come back with its solutions.




  • Sustainable Business Opportunity

SSD intend to provide sustainable business opportunity to all communities of society. SSD’s Online partner “” would be a one stop destination for all sorts of sustainable products and services. One can earn – invest – trade or donate through this unique E- Commerce website.



  • Water conservation & Distribution

Water scarcity has become major environmental issue around the world including India. Unmanaged irrigation system, unmanaged bore wells, landfills of existing water ponds has increased the problem to that extent that even drinking water is not available in many places. Sustainable living would provide analytical data of any particular region which would contain availability and level of underground water, quality report on drinking water, average rainfall, and irrigation system adopted by that particular region. The website will also try to give one on one solution for proper water conservation and distribution.


  • Waste Management

Human waste has almost scattered entire world even in space, unmanaged waste has become India’s most critical environment issue and threat. Many places waste are burned causing air pollution. “Phoolwari gardens” are in-house city based waste management system wherein unutilized land and gardens are developed into waste management gardens. Different vegetables and flowers will be grown in co ordination with public support and participation, waste from nearby houses will be segregated and decomposed at phoolwari gardens.



  • Sustainable Tourism

Travel with a cause, sustainable tourism is an answer to commercial tourism wherein it leaves huge amount of carbon footprint. Sustainable tourism will not only create employment opportunities to rural community but will also teach city dwellers importance of biodiversity and importance of eco tourism.

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