Tourism Survey For Hoteliers

Sustainable Development is basically a bridge between Human and Nature. Many organization and individuals around the world are joining hands to achieve this global mission for future sustainability.

Our group is working on sustainable development goals from last few years, So far we have noticed that many people appreciate your good work, few will try to follow, and fewer will actually start practicing.

People are concern about environment but not at all active to save it – interested but not involved.

Very few know about sustainable living and try to follow the practices – lacks motivation towards involvement.

Almost everyone is busy in earning their livelihood – element of indifference is there

People are concern but they are far away from appropriate knowledge and environmental issues – out of the types of people namely Interested, Involved & Indifferent, our objective would be to move most of them into the “Involved” group

After understanding so far human behavior towards nature, and the approach towards nature by the government, corporate, media, conservationists, teachers, students, and industry people like travelers, agents and hoteliers we have come up with the idea of launching “Sustainable India Mission”.

Behavioral change is the only answer for achieving sustainable development goals and the whole objective of Sustainable India is based upon it.

Selected as an exceptional eco inclusive enterprise by SEED (UNEP & UNDP).  Sustainable Living and Society for Sustainable Development wish to develop “Sustainable Tourism Network”, a platform to overcome various problems like sales and marketing, inventory management, human resource management, inquiry and booking management etc and we invite your company/organisation to actively support and involve towards implementation of the program as Tourism Industry holds special position in terms of pollution.

Please help us with Tourism Survey as as to understand problems and come back with practical solutions.

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